Student Success Team


Process for Requesting a “Student Success Team” (SST) Meeting

From the beginning, it should be the teacher’s responsibility to communicate any difficulties a student is having in the classroom with the parent.

Step 1. The classroom teacher should meet with parent and student (as appropriate) to discuss specific concerns that have been identified. The teacher shares student’s strengths and attempted interventions. Documentation should always be made of attempted interventions and how they did or did not work.

Teacher, parent, and student agree on new interventions to try. Educational Support (ES) staff may be consulted for advice by teacher and parent. ES staff should be knowledgeable of options of accommodations or modifications that may be tried.

Step 2. If strategies implemented by the classroom teacher have not worked, the teacher should contact the appropriate principal to seek guidance. ES staff may be consulted for advice by teacher and principal.

Step 3. If new interventions still have not worked after a time frame specified by the teacher, a “Request for SST” form is given to the Educational Support office with the principal’s approval. Forms can be obtained from the ES office or staff.  An SST can be requested by teacher, parent, principal, or, a secondary student.

Step 4. The ES office will arrange a time for the SST meeting, including principal, classroom teacher, ES representative, parent, student (as appropriate), counselor, or other school specialist, i.e., ESL, SLP, OT.

Step 5. A facilitator leads the group through a process that results in a written plan of action with a follow-up date. In most cases, the facilitator will be the Educational Support director or a principal.

Step 6. The teacher/parents/other staff will follow the plan agreed upon in the meeting, for a certain period of time determined by the SST.