2nd Grade


Language Arts

In 2nd grade the language arts program focuses on verbal and written language skills including listening and public speaking skills. The emphasis is on reading comprehension through various strategies including on level independent reading, elements of fiction and nonfiction, and the use of guided reading. Reading instruction focuses on word attack skills, fluency, and expression.
Students write for a variety of different purposes throughout the year. The second grade writing curriculum focuses on using standard spelling, editing for mechanics, and grammar. Phonics is taught in the spelling program and is integrated into the reading and writing programs. Students are encouraged to express their ideas clearly and confidently in their writing and speaking.


The second grade curriculum follows the Saxon Math program. In this curriculum we cover the following the topics through hands on activities and manipulatives: mastery of addition and subtraction facts, problem solving skills, graphing, basic geometry, multi-digit addition and subtraction problems, telling time to the minute and elapsed time, measurement in both standard and metric systems, place value, and introductory algebraic reasoning.

Social Studies

The second grade students are involved in interactively learning about their world through several different areas such as community awareness, celebrations and holidays of China, Thailand, and Korea as well as covering basic geography and economics.


The second grade students are involved in multisensory experiences in units such as living things, health awareness, matter, and changes over time. Students are involved in research, drama, experiments, productions, and displays.

Field Trips

Field trips include a visit to Chiang Mai Zoo and Sankampaeng craft village. While at Sankampaeng students observe the production of merchandise. At the end of the 2nd semester the students organize a Country Fair and make their own crafts to sell.


In our Bible program, second graders study the Bible from Genesis through Chronicles. We cover the topics of creation, the flood, the Patriarchs, the Exodus, establishing the kingdom of Israel. We also cover Ancient Egypt, Christmas, Easter, and the parables.