3rd Grade


Language Arts

In 3rd grade language arts focuses on the continued development of reading comprehension skills. Students are exposed to a variety of texts including novels, poetry, fairy tales, biographies, and non-fiction books. Guided reading, Accelerated Reader (AR), and author studies are some of the ways students are encouraged to become avid, life-long readers.
Students write for a variety of different purposes throughout the year. In 3rd grade students write short stories, research reports, fairy tales, a biography, and different forms of poetry. Writers’ Workshop enables students to further develop their writing skills. Spelling and grammar are also integral parts of the language arts curriculum and students are introduced to cursive writing at this level.


The third grade curriculum follows the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Math program. In this curriculum we cover the following the topics through multi-dimensional experiences: multiplication and division concepts (0-10), multiplication of 4 digit numbers by one digit, telling the time, geometry and measurement, fractions, and graphs, problem solving and estimation.

Social Studies

In social studies students learn about mapping and European explorers to Antarctica, China and the New World, Australia, Arctic, and Africa through the 19th century. To enable students to better understand and appreciate diverse people groups, children learn about Thailand Hill tribes and Native Americans. They also research their home countries and share that information with each other.


In third grade the focus is on life science and earth science. Life science includes life cycles of plants and animals, adaptation, and roles of living things. In earth science third graders learn about the solar system, erosion, and conservation of natural resources.

Field Trips/Events

In 3rd grade students participate in a Viking Feast and stage a Living Museum where they take on the character of a famous person. Field trips include a visit to Horizon Village and Hope House in Chiang Mai.


In third grade the emphasis is on the redemptive work of God through the Bible and the good news of Jesus demonstrated in His life, miracles, and the early church.