4th Grade


Language Arts

In 4th grade reading is literature based: emphasizing regional and historical fiction focused on our Social Studies curriculum. Vocabulary taken from these books supports integration of the reading material and the historical period under study. Daily writing activities include: creative fiction, drama, poetry, and journaling. Following the writing workshop methods students learn the editing, rewriting and publishing process.
Grammar skills are studied, practiced, and implemented in all writing activities. Students practice offering and accepting constructive criticism. Debating and public speaking are developed as students share their individual works with the class.


The fourth grade curriculum follows the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Math program. We are adapting it to fit our current Math standards which are based on the California State and the Common Core Standards. Units include, place value, review of addition and subtraction, with a strong focus on multiplication and division. Units on geometry, measurement, graphing, probability, fractions and decimals are also included.

Social Studies

Our fourth grade Social Studies covers physical geography, Immigration, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. These topics are well integrated into the Language Arts program. Some projects include: model making, research papers, power points, and re-enactments.


We cover a variety of topics using the Houghton-Mifflin Discovery Works Science curriculum for grade 4, focusing on: Weather; Classification of Living Things; Matter and Energy; and Magnetism and Electricity. Many hands on experiments make the learning process fun and engaging.


Through a survey of the Old Testament, we concentrate on the character of God, His dependability, faithfulness, constancy and unfailing love. We aim to finish the year with a study of the Fruit of the Spirit.