5th Grade


Language Arts

In 5th grade students develop the process of effective oral and written communication by emphasizing fluency and comprehension. Students read and write for a variety of purposes, follow directions, and develop a lifelong appreciation of literature.
Students read from classic and contemporary selections and recognize the way an author organizes information and engages in an analysis of genres, characters, plots, settings, and themes. Genres studied include: realistic fiction, fantasy, informational/biographical, and historical fiction. Many literature selections are studied from a Christian perspective.
Students use their knowledge of grammar and usage, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization to write compositions. Using the writing process, students pre-write, write, revise and publish to share with others. Students write in journals and keep track of outside reading.


The fifth grade curriculum follows the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Math program. The course builds on foundational arithmetic and computational skills focusing specifically on large whole numbers, fractions and decimals.
Other topics covered include estimation, geometry, and measurement systems. Students also learn mathematical strategies for solving real-life problems.


Science covers the following topics using the Houghton Mifflin Discovery Works Science curriculum: rocks and minerals, the Solar System, light and sound, and systems of living things. Students have the opportunity to go on a variety of field trips related to the science topics studied. These include a visit to Chiang Mai University Geology department, Geological Center, and the Sirindhorn Observatory.

Social Studies

In grade 5 the students focus on two main topics: geography and American history. Geography in 5th grade includes the study of map skills, populations and ecosystems, endangered species, and biomes across the earth. American history focuses on the topics of exploration, colonization, revolutions, and the establishment of democracy in America.


Bible focuses on the stories and themes of creation to Christ. It emphasizes the reality of our sin and the need for a savior-based personal faith in Christ. 5th graders also participate in several ministry opportunities by “adopting” students from a local children’s daycare center.