6th Grade


Language Arts

Language Arts utilizes different novels to enhance the understanding of writing, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Ancient Civilizations are integrated into the Language Arts program giving students a cross-curricular experience. Different forms of writing are encouraged, from poetry to journal entries, newspaper articles to research papers.


Students learn how to use math to solve everyday problems. We focus on measurement, geometry, fractions, decimals, integers, and proportions. All subjects are integrated into the math curriculum including Language Arts, Science, and Bible.

Social Studies

In Social Studies the focus is on the Ancient Civilizations. Students compare and contrast four primary empires: Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and Greece. Hands-on projects bring the ancient world to life.


In science students are involved in investigating the physical sciences including units on Properties of Matter, How Matter Changes, Forces and Motion, and the Changing Earth. Students engage in many different experiments and projects to enhance learning and the understanding of these concepts.


In Bible students study the Life of Christ. They take an in-depth look into Christ’s relationship with His disciples and how this can be applied to our lives. We look at developing the students’ social skills and their relationships with others, as well as focusing on servanthood and leadership. Students also have the opportunity to engage in ministries of their choice.