Can my children receive a Grace International School education through ESD?

Although ESD students in grades 7-12 can take up to three classes per semester, ESD students are not considered full-time enrolled students at GIS. Report cards and transcripts will be given for the classes taken, but ESD students do not receive a GIS diploma. GIS does not offer online classes, correspondence courses, or other remote learning opportunities.

Will ESD staff teach my children?

No. ESD exists to provide support services to parents who are teaching their children at home, including resources, encouragement, and access to extra-curricular activities. We do not provide classes or one-on-one instruction for students.

Does ESD provide homeschooling curriculum?

Sometimes. ESD acts as an advisor to parents as they choose curriculum. It can be overwhelming to realize how much homeschooling curricula there is to choose from, so ESD can help families define their educational philosophy for homeschooling, which becomes a guide for determining what type of curriculum will fit them the best. ESD does not order curriculum for families, but the ESD library has curriculum that can be checked out and used. If the materials a parent wants are not available in the ESD library, the consultant will try to help the parent determine where and how they might be able to order it for themselves.

Can my child learn English as a Second Language through ESD?

While we can provide books and other materials, we do not offer ESL tutoring services.

What suport do you provide for families when they are on furlough or back in their passport countries?

ESD primarily serves families while they are in Thailand. When ESD families are heading back to their passport countries, they continue to receive the GIS weekly bulletin so they can know when re-admission processes begin and can still communicate their plans. If ESD families need support services while in their passport country, we will do our best to help but will be unable to provide the same kind of support as we do to families in Thailand.

Are there other educational resources in Thailand for home-schooling support?

There are several other educational resources available to you in Thailand and other countries nearby. Even if you have a need that ESD cannot currently meet, there may be other contacts who can assist you.

ASIA EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE CONSORTIUM — AERC offers educational consulting for families in Thailand and other locations in Southeast Asia.

THE WELL — The Well offers counselling services, cultural adjustment courses, team debriefing, team training, and more.

CHECK (CHIANG MAI HOMESCHOOL CO-OP) — A local homeschool co-op.

CORNERSTONE COUNSELING CENTER — The Cornerstone Counseling Center offers assessment and counseling for individuals, couples, and families; crisis and trauma assessment; educational and psychological evaluations of children; psychiatric evaluations and treatment; consultation for teams, schools, and organizations; and training and seminars.

PSAT/SAT/ACT — For locations, dates, fees, and to register for these exams visit


AP EXAMS — Scheduling and registration for AP Exams at GIS takes place in January. Exams are given in May. For more information or to request an exam, contact your ESD consultant.