Course List

Every Grace student in secondary school works with the Academic Counselor to create a schedule that is appropriately challenging and rewarding, while moving the student toward his or her graduation goals. Courses are listed below to show the breadth of options available; most courses have prerequisites that must be met in a certain succession. Students planning their class schedules should consult the current course catalog, graduation requirements, and course progressions at right. Exceptions to course progressions may be made only with approval of the department head and Academic Counselor.

Actual offerings vary by year. For full list, refer to the Course Catalog tab above.

Language Arts

English 9
English 10
US Literature
British Literature
AP English
Creative Writing


Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Honors Algebra 2
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
Personal Finance


Integrated Science
Honors Biology
AP Biology
Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Honors Anatomy & Physiology
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C

Social Studies

World Geography
World History
AP World History
Comparative Government
Current Events
US Government
US History
AP US History
AP Psychology
Media Literacy
Introduction to Business


Jazz Band
Chanson Select Ensemble

Religious Studies

Bible Study Methods
Comparative Religions


Introduction to Thai Language & Culture
Thai 1-4
National Thai
Spanish 1-4
Mandarin 1-3
Korean Writing 1-4

Physical Education

PE 1 & 2
Beginning Sports Conditioning
Advanced Sports Conditioning
Basic Athletic Training
Sports Leadership 1-Teaching
Sports Leadership 2-Officiating & Ministry

Fine Arts

Art Foundations
Advanced Art
Pottery & Sculpture
Advanced Pottery & Sculpture
Honors Studio Art
AP Studio Art


CS 1 Computer Exploration
CS 2 Spreadsheets
CS 3 Adobe Photoshop
CS 3 Adobe Illustrator
CS4: Programming

Technical Education

Beginning Tech Ed
Advanced Tech Ed
Drafting 1
Drafting 2: AutoCAD
Honors Drafting 3: Architectural Drafting
Honors Drafting 4: Engineering Drafting
Construction and the Built Environment

Additional Notes

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes

AP courses have specific requirements, including an application process and teacher approval. Talk with the teacher for the course or the department head for an application and specific requirements.


Taking National Thai courses as a non-Thai citizen can be done only with approval from the Thai department head.

Religious Studies

Students are required to have 0.5 credit in religious studies for each year in attendance at GIS. Two religious studies courses may be taken in one year. Students in grades 11 & 12 may take any of the RS courses offered not previously taken. Students in grades 9 & 10 may only choose from Bible Study Methods and Theology, although they can be taken in one year.

AP Courses

Advanced Placement, or AP, is a program that offers high school students the opportunity to take college level courses. Courses are taken during the academic year in preparation of AP exams in May. Students taking AP courses are not obligated to take the exam but are encouraged to. AP grades are reported to students, high schools, colleges, and universities in July on AP’s five-point scale:

5: Extremely well-qualified
4: Well-qualified
3: Qualified
2: Possibly qualified
1: No recommendation

Many colleges and universities in the U.S. grant college credits or advanced placement based on AP exam results. Universities in many countries outside the U.S. use AP courses and exam grades as criteria for admissions. Policies vary by institution and you should research the country and university to determine their policies.

The following prerequisites are established by GIS and are not the requirements of College Board or the AP Program. These requirements are established due the demanding nature of the AP program. All AP courses have an application process. Applications are available from the course teacher or department head. Every student who is approved for an AP course must sign a GIS AP contract.

AP Course


AP Biology
  • Teacher approval
  • Biology course with B average
  • 1 additional science (preferably chemistry)
AP Physics 1 & 2
  • Teacher approval
  • Algebra 1 & Geometry – A average
  • Algebra 2 complete or co-enrolled, B average
AP Chemistry
  • Teacher approval
  • Honors Chemistry, or Biology & Chemistry – A average
  • Algebra 2 with B average
AP Calculus
  • Teacher approval
  • Pre-calculus with B+ average
AP Statistics
  • Teacher approval
  • Algebra 2 with B average
  • B average in English courses recommended
AP US History
  • Teacher approval
  • World History or US History
AP World History
  • Teacher approval
  • World Geography – B average
AP English Literature
& Composition
  • Teacher approval
  • Three previous English courses, B average
  • Application essay & commitment to the work load
AP Studio Art
  • Teacher approval
  • Art Foundations, Advanced Art, Painting – B average
AP Psychology
  • Teacher approval
  • World Geography & World History
  • English 9 & 10 with B average