Activities Fair Colorfully Packed

Activities Fair Colorfully Packed

About 24 booths sporting bright primary colors, large photos, vibrant lettering and balloons competed for people’s attention at the annual GIS Activities Fair. As the after-school hour progressed, nearly 200 students and parents meandered between tables, asking questions, and snagging another candy. Adults and teens registered to participate in ministries and considered a variety of other free-time activities.

Students practice their Thai language skills, talking with children in Agape Home, House of Love, and Jireh home, playing with little buddies. And when they help teach English in nearby Thai elementary schools, GIS and local students exchange words in both languages.

Other yearly groups include Night Bazaar Evangelism, Group Bible studies, health assistants, Community Bible study, drama, jazz dance, senior girls’ Bible study, strategic games club, student council, Timothy Project mentoring teams, and model UN club. Students also signed-up for sports competition try-outs like basketball, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.

Parents participate, help and chaperone in all of these. And they are essential in parents’ sports support, and specific parent volunteer opportunities like in libraries and classrooms. It’s shaping up to be a roaring good year for the Grace Tigers!