Application Process



If one or both parents of the applicant are not native English speakers, or if the applicant is coming from schooling in a language other than English, an appointment may be made with a child for a 5 minute-interview in order to determine whether their English qualifies them for the English Proficiency Test.


Before we can accept an application for a new student, prospective families must contact the Registrar at to determine if there is space in the desired grade level and to schedule an interview if applicable.  Once those are completed and successful, the Registrar will send you a link by email to set up an account for the online application system and then to fill out the online application.

For families who are unable to complete the online application for technical reasons, a paper form with ALL questions answered and ALL the required documents (details of documents required to be submitted are included with the application form) may be submitted. The application can be submitted at the school office, mailed, or e-mailed to the school with the application fee included. If there is concern about possible learning disabilities, GIS may give some preliminary tests to the applicant. If warranted, GIS may recommend testing by a professional.  Please note that we will not accept a paper application form until you  are notified that there is space and pre-application interview and testing have been successfully completed.


All prospective students applying for kindergarten are required to take the DRS (Developmental Readiness Scale). A testing appointment for prospective students applying for first grade may be required to evaluate English language proficiency using the DRS.  A testing appointment for prospective students who speak English as a second language and are applying for second grade or higher may also be required to evaluate English language proficiency using the WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment).  Students will be assessed in their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. This assessment takes up to one hour to complete. English proficiency testing is scheduled each year during March and May. 

Admission Interview

If the child passes the test and there is space available in the grade for which he/she is applying, an appointment may be made between the principal and the parents.


If a child meets the criteria for acceptance, his/her parents will be sent a letter of acceptance. If a child does not meet the requirements for any reason, a letter of explanation will be sent. If a child meets the requirements for acceptance, but no space is available in the appropriate grade, the child will be put on the waiting list.


A letter of acceptance does NOT guarantee a student’s place in Grace International School. A student’s place is guaranteed only when the entrance fee is paid. The entrance fee is due within four weeks of the date on the acceptance letter or the student’s first day of school, whichever is first.

Before you start

  • Read the about the admissions process.
  • Contact the registrar ( to schedule a pre-application interview (Required for applicants with one or two non-native English speaking parents or whose previous schooling was in a language other than English)

Part I – Initial Application

Submit by mail, email, or in person

  • Application form
  • 5,500 Baht fee
  • Passport copy
  • Birth certificate copy
  • 2 Years of school records and standardized test results
  • Reference from a friend of the family[Download not found]
  • Reference from an educator – download form
    GIS Student Application Reference Form
  • Homeschool Affidavit (applicants coming from homeschool only)
    Secondary Home School Affidavit
  • [/check_list]

    Part II – Additional Records

    Must be received before an acceptance letter can be issued

    Upon Receiving an Acceptance Letter

    Complete before school starts; start assessing visa status before making travel arrangements

    • Verify non-immigrant visa status. If required, submit the visa request form
      Visa Request Form
      to the main office to receive the documentation necessary to apply for a non-immigrant visa. For more information, see Visa Requirements.
    • Pay your entrance fee, as described under Tuition & Fees
    • Read the Parent and Student Handbook[Download not found]
    • Read the health policies listed under Health Services
    • Familiarize yourself with the Acceptance Package, including information about ordering uniforms and lunches

    In addition to the items noted in the New Student Application process, students coming from a Homeschool environment will need to include the Homeschooling Affidavits with your application. Upon reviewing your child’s application you might be requested to submit additional sample work, but please do not submit it unless you are requested to do so.

    If you need help getting your standardized testing documentation, your options include:

    • Contact GIS Extension Services at to request MAP testing.
    • Contact other local educational consultant resources for testing availability such as the Asia Educational Resource Consortium.
    • Order your own testing materials. This requires advance planning to order, receive, and administer, and have the scores returned to you in time for your GIS application submission. IMPORTANT: You should plan to order test materials at least two months in advance and plan on taking 3-5 days for actual testing.  Be sure to use the most recent edition available from the site for the test you choose.

    Test results in language arts, reading, and math are required. Results in additional subjects, while not required, help the school understand your child’s needs more fully.

    All students wishing to return to Grace International School for another school year must submit a completed re-enrollment form with all questions answered, along with the applicable re-enrollment fee as specified on the back of the form. [Download not found]

    A student who withdraws and who does not attend GIS for two school years or more must begin the application process again. For tuition and fee purposes, they will be assessed payments as a new student.