Art Students Donate Skills and Time for Ministry

Art Students Donate Skills and Time for Ministry

Grace students created 30 art pieces on the theme “Hope Begins,” mostly in their free time, making final touches in class. Their goal was to express “How we see hope in the world.” Then projects were framed and sold in silent auction, during a recent music concert.

Their art raised 42,000 baht, for the annual GIS Art Ministry trip, this year in Chiang Rai, plus art supplies for those children.

“They went to The Sold Project (, a ministry to kids who have been rescued out of trafficking situations. The Sold Project is also a scholarship program, sponsoring students to finish school,” Secondary Art teacher Sharon Wade said. “With education, they are able to achieve their dreams and aspire for higher levels. This project opens up a chance for freedom for these children.”

“Three chaperones and about 26 students traveled north, for the three-day service. Grace artists ministered to almost four dozen children, ages 5 to 17 years, and slept at the project on wooden floors. The weekend was great, planned around art projects, games, drama, and music,” chaperone literature teacher Betsy Castle said.

“Alumna Jane Kim planned the weekend well, so our Grace students could lead skill station activities. The project children practiced drawing, sketching, and painting on four art projects,” chaperone Math teacher Tim Coughlin said. “They also switched media, rotating among watercolor, black-on-white shadow cutouts, and stained glass. Their special tree mural project featured painted bottle cap leaves and every child’s signature.”

“A highlight for everyone was an unplanned bonfire, Friday, where Grace students shared their testimonies, prayed, and sang together. Other weekend activities included icebreaker games, lots of singing, and skits. GIS also led a Sunday church service, where students Eliezer Yeong and Bethany Franzen gave their personal testimonies,” Sharon Wade said.