Art Students Minister to Burmese Refugee Children

Art Students Minister to Burmese Refugee Children

Adults and students prayed for flexibility prior to their trek to NW Thailand’s Genesis Home in early January. Their prayers were answered when one driver didn’t show, so 19 people squeezed into only two vehicles and tied their supplies on the roof. On the way to Chiang Dao, at Limestone Waterfall they read scripture and spiritually prepared for a day of ministry.

“We learned that Burma’s genocide destroys from the outside, with loss of land, jobs and relatives. But it also destroys people inside. Without hope, parents often turn to drugs or alcohol and hurt their families,” teacher Sharon Wade said.

Genesis Home for refugee children has only four bamboo huts. Pastor Suria and his family are Lisu people, who lead with a heavy heart to help these Palang Tribal families. Thailand’s 93 displaced Palang children are either orphans, abandoned, from abusive alcoholic families or sick with AIDS.

“Our students were a wonderful example of Christ’s love in action. They held the children, played with and taught them,” Wade said. “As our first Art Department ministry, we thank staff and parents for their generous support at our December Art Auction. It paid for the whole trip, bought art supplies to leave at Genesis Home and gave Pastor Suria money for the children’s schooling.

Two students were especially excited to see children they remembered, who had been attacked with a machete and fire by a drunken father, but had now been retrieved by their mother. Pastor Suria asked everyone to pray for that family’s safety.

The teens’ gift that day was joy, both given and received, when they taught 24 of the homeless children to use watercolors, to express feelings and focus on something peaceful.

“One of the main Grace Art Department goals this year is to help us see how we can use our creative talents to glorify God. We went to bless and were blessed in return!” Wade said.