Denver’s Valor High “Digs” Thailand

Denver’s Valor High “Digs” Thailand

A 12-day ministry trip through northern Thailand brought 16 Christian high school students from Highlands Ranch, Colorado to serve in Chiang Mai at GIS. Planting a couple of dozen baby palm trees was their service project on the new campus site.

Past GIS science teacher Bill Clark encouraged the team to come from his home area in America, then he flew to Chiang Mai to meet them for a school tour. Bill serves with three other men on the U.S.-based (501(c)(3) nonprofit Grace International Education Foundation (GIEF) board. They help recruit teachers and staff for Grace and seek funds for scholarships and building a larger school, to serve more than the current 600 students.

One GIS goal since 2006 has been to serve up to 1,000 missionary students, so their families can minister on the field in a dozen nearby countries. To that end, Grace purchased rice fields in 2011, merely 15 minutes south of the current school site. The land was filled in and compacted during the next three years and is slowly developed as funds are available.

Anyone can invest in missionary families and make a significant, lasting impact on thousands of lives, including the people groups served by parents. US taxpayers who donate tax-deductible gifts via GIEF help provide quality education for overseas MK students.

Contact GIEF by mail at 625 Bakers Bridge Ave, Suite 105 Box 109, Franklin, TN 37067, USA, or by phone: 214-206-1989. Fax: 214-295-4480. Email Director Tom Matyas: Visit the website to donate online: