Elementary Science Night Bursts with Activities

Elementary Science Night Bursts with Activities

The Second Annual Elementary Science evening provided explosive learning for students and parents! In 2011 students designed, build and shot water rockets across the pool area. This year Principal Maxene Boland expanded the categories to include four areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, called “S.T.E.M. Night.” More than 112 students, parents and staff experienced 12 hands-on activities in these fields:

  • “Enlighten Yourself” tested the amount of O2 needed to keep a flame alive under a beaker. Mixing different liquids and watching their cohesion allowed students to “Marbleize Paper.”
  • After they assigned different colored beads to a number, students created “Pi Bracelets” to practice Maths.
  • Blending and feeling globs of “Slime” was a squishy hit, when students combined borax and liquid soap, creating a new substance.
  • A “Computer Technology” station provided tools to research body and plant science.
  • With “Paper Airplanes” they experimented with engineering aerodynamics.
  • “Support Your Weight” showed ways an empty 6” cardboard tube can support an adult’s weight. (The most successful technique was filling it with sand.)
  • “Popcorn test tubes” showed kernels exploding from moisture expansion. Then students hungrily imploded handfuls between their teeth!
  • “Balancing Butterflies”
  • “Mini-Boomerangs”
  • “Liquid Layers”
  • “Lincoln Drops”

“Part of the crowd size was because students could only attend with a parent,” Boland said. “Next year’s Principal Carole Steedman watched with me, along with a smattering of staff.

“But we are thankful to Middle School teacher Freddie Wagner for coordinating Secondary students to supervise and monitor each experiment. This gave them more leadership experience and released teachers from hosting the evening.”