Elementary Scientists Explore

Elementary Scientists Explore

As always, the annual elementary Science evening provided explosive learning for students and parents! In 2001, water rockets shot across the pool area, designed, built, and sent by students. Then the principal focused categories on four main areas in 2012: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, renaming the educational event “S.T.E.M. Night.”

Teacher Pilar Prus and Elementary Office Aide Michelle Kennedy supervised the evening this year for 120 students (grades 3-6) including one parent from each family present. Several Extension Services Department (ESD/home schooled) students also came. In one hour, the young “scientists” learned at 12 stations, experiencing these activities:

Make Your Own Slime (a take home gift), Lava in a Cup, Elephant toothpaste experiment, Cup Stacking Challenge (engineering to move cups with rubber bands), Fantastic Sugar Cubes (investigate absorption), Which Liquids Mix? (Chemistry of different substances), Molecule Models (build your own), Blobs in a Bottle (plus home instructions), Optical Illusion Hand (take home art), Precipitates Creations (chemistry demonstration), DNA (video & coloring project), Tangrams (exploring shapes).

A roaring thanks to our four teacher volunteers: Brittney Bristol, Megan Uhrich, Vanessa Avera, and student teacher Amelia Ng.

And kudos to 12 secondary students, serving at science stations: Minnie Khamrit, Dana Lee, Dani Park, David Cho, Mig Sawekpun, Dillon Prus, Caleb Prus, Juhee Lee, Seorin Yoon, Rowan Callow, Rayanne Kennedy, JC Kennedy.