English as Ministry

English as Ministry

“We’ve served in 10 schools since 2009, a year after Sports Camps began. English classes interact with communities and help us partner with churches, alongside Thais in a spiritual ministry. We plan a Christmas outreach and a Saturday English Club too!” coordinator Jill Bird said.

Each week 200 bubbling Thai elementary students in 10 classrooms eagerly await six teens, 10 parents and two GIS teachers, who lead the English sessions.

“I love helping in villages; it’s wonderful to get my hands dirty in a different way. We establish such a good relationship with headmasters, teachers and pupils in Thai villages, and what a joy seeing students’ eyes light-up, learning new English. When we share Gospel stories, seeds are planted,” GIS teacher Dorothy Niddrie said.

Small teams tell a Bible story in four-week lesson blocks, with words to memorize. Students are also delighted singing simple Bible songs with movements. P.E. Coach Ming makes contacts and introduces GIS to Thai administrators. And as interest increases, more Thai teachers ask for English teams.