First ESL Parent Night Communicates Well!

First ESL Parent Night Communicates Well!

“Students receiving English Second Language (ESL) support should realize they’re extraordinary learners. They’re learning in two languages at once!” teacher Kelly Corcoran said.

Elementary renames ESL “Fun with English,” Corcoran highlighted at parent’s night. Department Head Randal Frivold explained ways students are assessed and supported. And new teacher Ginny Eby shared her vision for Secondary ESL.

“Thank you so much for helping our students!” a Korean parent said, as Deborah Kim interpreted. “And thank you for not charging extra ESL fees, like other international schools!”

Special Needs Division (SND) Director Carol Hylden and staff were aware language and cultural barriers enabled preconceived ideas about ESL support for about 36 students. So SND assistant Khun Ghan arranged the event.

“We really needed to visit with parents,” Hylden said. “We clarified testing procedures and new report card policies. And we explained how mid-year proficiency tests plus teacher input determines when students drop ESL class.”

“It was great to talk with parents. That was the best thing about tonight!” staff agreed.

“The evening was very valuable,” Hylden said. Parents from four cultural and language communities can now explain our ESL program better to others. And their good, positive questions clarified misconceptions. We are truly partners!”

One dad joked, “Is there an ESL class for parents to improve also?”