GIS Student’s Saturday Nights

GIS Student’s Saturday Nights

Think noise and heat. Think multi-cultural. Think crowds of people, jostling each other, hoping to get the best deal on local souvenirs. Think all of these things, and you’ve got the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. But if you are GIS teacher Tom Miyakawa, when you think of the Night Bazaar you think of the endless possibilities for evangelism!

The Night Bazaar is a popular tourist attraction in downtown Chiang Mai. It is visited by thousands of people each night, with 10-15 countries represented from all over the world. Each Saturday night, Tom takes a group of 30-40 students from Grace International School to the Night Bazaar. These students mingle with the crowds, engage tourists in spiritual conversations, and hand out tracts.

The students are surprisingly bold and eager to share the good news of Jesus. Says one student, “When I first heard about this street evangelism in my math class, I felt like I really wanted to go, and when the opportunity came I was excited. Later on after I had said that I would go, I thought, ‘how on earth will I be brave enough to talk to people?’ Then when I first really started talking to someone, it felt so easy. I feel really happy that I can be somebody who can be sharing the good news.”

Saturday Street Evangelism has become such a favorite among students Tom has had to set up rotation groups to make sure each student has a chance to go. Tom says, “Many of the parents of these students have a ministry they are involved in. I’m thrilled to see missionary kids have a ministry and purpose all their own.”