Grace Admin. Offices MOVED!

Grace Admin. Offices MOVED!

At 4 a.m. 30 June, 50 Karen farmers of Omkoi village rumbled onto the highway in three huge trucks. Their pre-dawn 3-hour trip brought them to GIS before 8 a.m. About 35 family members and staff helped them load all administration “house” and main office furniture, computers, files, plants, and supplies.

“These 50 Christian brothers from Omkoi church traveled far for a full day of lifting heavy boxes and furniture until 6 p.m. We are so thankful; we could not have done it without them!” interim Advancement Director Soong Hongjirakul said. “We give special thanks to Khun Joy, head of our Thai parents, who contacted them for us. We all really had a full day.”

About seven truckloads and 10 cars disgorged office items 10 minutes south at the temporary campus. Grace is blessed to have a 2-year rental contract in Satit Bilingual School’s (SBS) vacant office and classroom spaces.  

“We celebrate how willing everyone was willing to help in any way for any department that day. We hope to consistently continue doing that in this transition,” move coordinator Ken Mungle said.  

Secondary and elementary classroom furniture will be moved mid-July. Thankfully, many non-essential items are already in a rented long-storage site, awaiting use when the new campus is constructed 10 minutes farther south.

“People collaborated to solve confusions or glitches. There wasn’t a lot of idle time; people were always moving, sorting, and organizing tasks in small, manageable groups. We praise God. It worked really well!” Mungle said.