Moved by Car & Truck

Moved by Car & Truck

Deputy Superintendent Brad Johnson greeted staff at 1 August orientation: “Wow! It’s here; we’ve moved–now it’s time to unpack and settle in. But first a huge THANK YOU to everyone, especially summer helpers. Words fail to express the gratitude and encouragement of your efforts. Students arrive 15 August; it’s time to get ready! Next week’s express purpose is dedicated to classrooms. No meetings, no workshops. Simply set up.

“However, we aren’t free to do ‘anything.’ It’s expected we all unpack on campus. It’s not time to get motorbike licenses or take the dog to the vet. There’s lots to do to be ‘operational,’ but we’re close! What an exciting chapter of Grace to be involved in together!”

Then 15 days later students, faculty, and staff began the academic year in attractive new rooms. Communications Coordinator & GIS Counselor Jen Rathmell emailed everyone:

Hello co-workers! Can you believe we are ‘fully operational at Satit Bilingual School!’ (SBS) It’s crazy and exciting! We moved admin. and main offices first, then on 13 July our elementary furniture and boxes got here. The next week secondary items were trucked 10 minutes south to our two-year site. Thankfully, people in town helped tremendously, using family cars, in addition to the moving company’s trucks.

“Coordinators in all three new buildings ensured the proper items arrived in the right rooms. Special thanks to Extension Services Director Ken Mungle for herding people and boxes during the summer. Principals, teachers, moms, dads, staff, and students helped. Construction is nearly complete on more parking spots, PE offices, a playground, two Tech-Ed and Art classrooms. More good news is the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE) officers are very positive about our efforts so far, as we continue to work with them and the patient SBS staff.”  

Interim Superintendent Jurrian van der Straaten encouraged staff: “I am grateful for each of you and am looking forward to another great year… How do we keep our sanity and balance?… By being rooted in Christ… We will maintain an open attitude to those we serve. We will listen to their concerns… Our strength is in our relationship in Christ and with one another…if we stay in Him and stay together we can handle it… Let’s get on with it!”