New Campus Open House on Open Land

New Campus Open House on Open Land

One big, red dog and 150 adults and children walked the new campus land at the January 2012 Open House. They prayed for future students and buildings on three routes. Some circumnavigated the prepared secondary site; others saw the brush-covered elementary area or walked the entire perimeter. Many bought bright “Tiger Truck” T-shirts, new GIS baseball caps and tiger-shaped thumb drives. That 4,000 baht plus 1,300 baht in donations will provide 26.5 more loads of fill-dirt.

“After the first 500 loads dumped in March 2011, donors have funded 12,100 more piles to level,” Advancement Director Matt Coe said. “About 8,500 loads have settled, ready for construction. Now 4,000 are in queue. We hope sponsors continue to outpace workers!”

Staff in school-color canopies provided free site maps, prayer lists, water, lollipops, Tiger Truck transfers and cut-outs to color, postcards and savings cans. People took photos as they played “driver” on a parked front-loader, truck and excavator.

Since the land purchase in October 2010, Christians world-wide have used the “Tiger Truck” project to help level our 86 rai (33 acre) campus site. Each 200 baht ($7 USD) pays to dig and dump one five-cubic-meter load. The new elementary and secondary campus needs 33,600 loads. Even students around the world have saved and sent their coins. A world-class education at Grace will continue as we build.

“Grace plans to grow from 657 students today to nearly 1,000, serving missionaries across S.E. Asia,” Superintendent Don Williams said. “We want room to teach nearly double our current number, rather than refuse admission because classes are full.”

Visit for more photos and facts. Read more about Grace International Educational Foundation (GIEF) at: The “Tiger Truck” campaign is a “Saving Grace” project.

Please help! Buy 1, 10, 100 truckloads. Let’s build a school!