Refugees Learn Sports & Devour Sweet Treats

Refugees Learn Sports & Devour Sweet Treats

Fourteen Sports Leaders invited 10 alumni and 11 staff and parents for a three-day Christmas ministry south of Mae Sot. Barely shouting distance from the Burma border, Thoo Mweh Khee school stands in Thailand, educating 400 refugee boys and girls, ages four to twenty.

Grace students used their vacation to coach sports and play with the children. They also taught songs, led worship music each day, helped create colorful crafts and taught English classes.

Two highlights were swimming in the river marking the border and the crazy talent show, including everyone jumping with 2,500 night-glow sticks.

Along with Partners Relief and Development missionaries, Sports Leaders and Alumni helped host a Christmas party. To the children’s delight, they learned to decorate sugar cookies and devour them!

Grace students and Partners gave sports equipment for Christmas gifts and brought many sizes of winter clothing for the local church to distribute.

Finally, Sports Leaders piled into vans and trucks for their nearly six-hour drive home to Chiang Mai. Was it worth the distance, time and effort? Everyone agreed, “Absolutely!”