Senior Carnival a Community Success

Senior Carnival a Community Success

About 800 students, parents and neighbors joined the Medieval Fair senior fundraiser, gobbling 300 burgers, 160 veal sausage dogs, 100 kimbob rolls and guzzling 800 drinks.

“All 70 seniors brainstormed the theme, watched the animated Robin Hood, voted, then created matching activities,” staff advisor Jeannie Marek said. “It was chosen for great costume and game possibilities, like sword fights, a castle, crossing a moat, archery. We liked the Medieval feel.”

Seniors concluded it was lots of work, but loads of fun. They were amazed at everyone’s costumes and liked seeing children enjoy the activities and wished they’d opened earlier. Advance planning helped them build sets ahead, decorate and string plastic rope for clear game boundaries.

“Family Night started in 2005 with only a movie on the lawn. In 2006 seniors showed “Wizard of Oz,” and four created costumes. From there it evolved into the major production it is today!” advisor Becky Johnson said. “After costs, their 56,000 baht ($1,680) profit will cover the graduation trip.”

Children said: “I love the activities.” “I paid to throw my buddies in Jail!” “I’ll pay to put myself in Jail.” “Awesome castle.” “I can’t believe we’re using ‘real’ archery bows!” “Let’s sword fight and joust again.” “Rematch!”

Younger kids enjoyed a Fishing game and Treasure Hunt. They kept the bouncy-castle busy until dark, and many surprised winners enjoyed the Cake Walk.

“Carnival is a LOT of work,” staff advisors Sarah Donovan, Brad & Becky Johnson, Jeanie Marek and Kirby Umholtz agreed. “We spent many hours shopping, organizing finances, in set-up and clean-up. But our seniors did a great job. Afterwards we said, ‘Hooray!’ then dove right into Ministry Day preparations. We’re glad we’re a staff team of five!”

Staff and seniors also appreciated the help of about 25 marvelous parents! They bought meats and condiments, cut vegetables, grilled burgers and sausage, sold food and helped everywhere at this annual community event. Other essential staff included Khun Prem, who handled sound and the movie; GIS guards advised and supported crowd control and parking; teachers and Principal Mrs. Fisher were encouraging and helped promote the event.

“It was wonderful to watch seniors work together and produce such a high quality family night,” Principal Fisher said.