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Before You Begin

Things to Know

  • As a Christian ministry serving Christian workers on foreign fields, we invite only those applicants who are in agreement with our Statement of Faith, and who feel called by Jesus Christ to serve at Grace.
  • Our purpose is to provide quality, low cost education for children of Christian workers in Southeast Asia. To keep our tuition costs as low as possible, our foreign teachers and staff come as volunteers, through sending agencies or churches; they raise 100% of their own financial support. GIS does not pay salaries nor provide any financial compensation to foreign staff.
  • All applicants must be accepted by a sending organization that agrees to their placement at GIS. This can be a mission agency or a home church, but the organization must be willing to meet the criteria required by Grace.
  • GIS operates under the authority of Thailand’s Ministry of Education and must follow Thai law regarding the teachers we invite. Thai law requires that all teachers have a degree in education or a teaching credential from their home country.
  • All applicants will undergo a criminal background check in their home country, as required by Thai law and are responsible for any cost involved.
  • Applicants with children, who will attend Grace, need to complete the student application process before acceptance. Once invited to serve at GIS, all candidates must undergo a physician’s exam to determine physical readiness to serve in Thailand.
  • Please do not make travel arrangements until you have been “invited” to serve at GIS.

Things You Need

  1. Completed Staff Application Form
  2. Medical & Emergency Form
  3. Student Application Form submitted for any of your children enrolling at GIS
Supporting Documents
  1. Resume or CV
  2. Names and email addresses of four references
  3. Education degree or teaching credential
  4. Passports for all family members
  5. Birth certificates for all family members
  6. Marriage license
  7. Original degrees from all colleges/universities
  8. Transcripts of college courses
  9. Immunizations records (recommended, but not required)
Additional Requirements
  1. Sending organization (Read About Sending Organizations)
  2. Financial support*
  3. Background check/police clearance*
  4. Completed Staff Physical Exam Form*
  5. Staff Bio Data Form

* These items are not required to be completed until Step 2C: Conditional Offer of the application process, after a conditional invitation has been extended to the applicant. Though you may find it helpful to get started early, you should wait to submit these until you are notified that your initial application and interview were successful.

Application Process

Step 2A: Initial Submission

  • Completed application, either electronically or a printed copy. If filling out the PDF by hand, please use black ink and print legibly, and including all information requested. Return to GIS by mail or scanned email attachment.
  • Names of four references with current email addresses
  • A copy of your resume or CV

Once your application is received, you will be notified and your references will be contacted. After receiving all references, your file will be reviewed by the appropriate principal or department head. We will contact the sending organization specified on your application.

Step 2B: Interview

Once your application is processed and your sending organization confirmed, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Interviews are conducted by Skype or phone. After the interview the GIS superintendent will make the final decision regarding whether to invite the applicant to serve at Grace.

Step 2C: Conditional Offer

Upon a successful interview, a conditional invitation may be made, contingent on the following:

  • Criminal background clearance
  • Doctor’s approval following completion of Staff Physical Exam Form
  • Approval of Sending Organization
  • Sufficient financial support raised
  • Children of applicant accepted as students of GIS (if applicable)

Final Procedures

These are the final procedures which need to be completed:

Criminal Background Check

By Thai law, all teachers must undergo a criminal background check in their home country before being allowed to teach in Thailand. The staff in the GIS recruiting office will provide instructions to help the background check process.

For American teachers, the request is made online and takes a few days to complete. GIS will provide the information you need. The cost to an American applicant is $10-40 depending on your resident state. Applicants from other countries need to supply the background documents required by their home country’s educational system and pay any costs.

Physical Exam by Doctor

All incoming teachers are required to receive medical clearance from a physician. You may print the Staff Physical Exam Form and take it with you to your next appointment to save making a special trip.

Gather Documents for Work Permit and Visa

You need the documents listed below to obtain your work permit and visa. These allow you to live in Thailand and serve at GIS. If you do not have these documents, you should begin gathering them now. Some will take time to process:

– Passports for each family member (valid at least six months after your arrival date)
– Birth certificates for each family member (embossed original from state of birth)
– Marriage license (original from county of record)
– Degree from all colleges/universities (original)
– Post-graduate degrees (originals)
– Teaching credential or license (original) if you do not have a degree in Education
– University transcripts pertaining to all work completed for degrees (Official transcripts–not photo copies–are required; however, they do not – need to be in a sealed envelope. You will making photo copies to send ahead).
– Confirmation letters from colleges/universities
– A completed “Personal Bio Data” form (for each person who will teach).