Student Teachers


Grace hosts several student teachers each year; we have hosted teachers from the U.S., Australia, Germany, Norway, and Finland. Institutions included Univ. of New South Wales, Univ. of Northern Iowa, Philadelphia Biblical Univ., Moody Bible Institute, Grand Canyon Univ., Cedarville Univ., Toccoa Falls College, Grace College, Nyack College, and Houghton College.

If you are interested in student teaching or interning at GIS, first email the appropriate principal to check that we have someone with the criteria to be your supervising teacher/advisor.

How to Apply

Step 1. Determine Fit

Email our elementary/secondary principal, to determine that we meet your sending school’s requirements. Include the dates of your student teaching/intern placement and your desired grade level or area of interest:
Carole Steedman, elementary principal,
Linda Fisher, secondary principal,

Step 2. Application, Background and Reference Check

We will work with CCTECC and your university to avoid filling duplicate forms. If no comparable paperwork exists, you may need to complete the New Staff Application form and Personal Health History, and email them to We will contact your references and supply you with paperwork and information to get a legal background check in your home country.

Step 3. Approval and Visa

Once accepted, we will send you a “letter of invitation,” which you use to apply for a visa (specific type depends on your intended length of stay). You will also receive information about travel, housing, cost of living, and orientation if applicable.