Parents and other volunteers are vital to the operation of Grace International School. Parents looking to lend a hand once a week or more for the duration of the semester or year can help in areas including

  • Substitute teaching
  • Recess duty
  • Cafeteria duty
  • Bulletin board creation
  • Coaching
  • Library support
  • Extension Services Department

Visitors/Short Term

Visitors considering making a full- or part-time commitment for 1-10 months – such as on an internship, missions trip, or gap year – may be used in areas listed above or any of the following. However, please note that due to Thai Immigration rules, GIS does not grant visas for visitors or short term volunteers and does not permit anyone to volunteer who is in Thailand on a Tourist visa.

  • Conference and special event planning
  • Teacher Assistance P.E.
  • Helping run athletic programs
  • Classroom aiding
  • Building and landscape maintenance
  • IT maintenance (summertime only)
  • Classroom renovation and rearrangement (summertime only)

If you are not already in contact with someone on Grace staff, email volunteer.coordinator@gisthailand.org with a note of your purpose and gifting before proceeding to the steps below.

How to Apply

Step 1 — Complete the online application

GIS Volunteer Application Form

Step 2 — Complete the online health form

GIS Volunteer Health Form

Step 3 — Send a copy of your recent criminal background check

If you have a copy of a recent background check (five years or newer), please email to volunteer.coordinator@gisthailand.org. If you do not have one, further instructions will be provided by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Step 4 — Send us your face photo

Please email a color photograph of your face: volunteer.coordinator@gisthailand.org

Step 5 — We will receive completed references

Once we’ve received your application, we will contact your references. Please encourage your references to reply promptly as we will not be able to give you a place to server or an ID badge until your references have responded.

Step 6 — Read the volunteer information and certify at the bottom of the document

Volunteer Handbook and Child Safety Policy

Step 7 —  Assignment

You will receive an assignment from a director once your application has been reviewed and approved.

Step 8 — GIS contacts you

You will receive an email from the Volunteer Coordinator where and when to pickup your ID badge.

Step 9 — You may start your assignment