Smallest Students Focus on Number 100

Smallest Students Focus on Number 100

Our “100 Day Celebration” for kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades hit the 10-year mark this year! Students counted each day, since the academic year began, to know when their annual event would occur.

“We have been doing this math skills event at Grace since 2006,” first grade teacher Angie said. “These three classrooms work together in groups and move to different stations throughout the morning. Every activity uses the number 100 in some way.”

This year the littlest GIS students put 10 dots on 10 tiger stripes; painted flower garden pictures with five petals each on 20 flowers; and played indoor bowling, adding their points to total 100. They also each designed and constructed a personal “100th Day” crown to wear and later counted 100 sprinkles to crunch and chew off of a cupcake.

During the day, these readers enjoys books aloud and silently, featuring 100 things and grunted through 100 exercises. As a reward, students placed Fruit Loop cereal circles onto string for edible take-home necklaces.

“The children all have a blast every year, practicing counting in many ways. I think the teachers have fun, too!” teacher Angie said.