Soccer Team 2nd in Tournament, but First-Place Servants!

Soccer Team 2nd in Tournament, but First-Place Servants!

After winning two consecutive tournaments, a one-point defeat in Manila’s final game taught GIS a team is more than a championship. During free time, they served flood refugees. When players run hard—until we pick them off the ground—we can’t give up.” Jordan said.

“If I’m negative and want to quit, our team encourages each other,” Andrew said.

“We learned to endure, not complain,” Yechan said.

“I ask God for strength to play. He’s always ready. Isaiah 43 says: “When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you…because I am your God…your Savior,” Nate said.

“It was great to share God’s love, fed people, teach soccer and give joy in suffering,” Mallory said.

“Living conditions shocked me. But we saw smiles, laughter and joy. I decided to be thankful too,” Sunmin said.

“We were humbled to feed people grateful for hot rice and bean soup,” Isaiah said.

“Families live in shacks—smaller than my bathroom—even in cardboard boxes, without food or jobs! I realized I’m blessed,” Corry said.

“Flood refugee kids in one squatter village mostly wanted a hug,” Jordon said.

“I’m ashamed I complain; happiness doesn’t depend on circumstances,” Jong said.

“People here fight to daily survive. It challenged me to check my heart. Am I grateful?” Jonathan said.

“We can help orphans and tell them about Jesus,” Mann said.

Coach Cole concluded, “Player’s attitudes were stellar, to pursue excellence and glorify the Lord, on and off the field.”