Spanish Piñatas Decorate Grace

Spanish Piñatas Decorate Grace

Spanish 1-4 level classes—89 secondary students, grades 9-12—created unique lobby piñatas recently.

“Lots of food and music accompany breaking them open,” Spanish teacher Rebecca Johnson said. “It’s a common seasonal tradition in Spanish-speaking countries. Grace students have enjoyed this activity every year since about 2004. They cover balloons with paper maché then decorate at home. Classes study and celebrate birthdays and many Spanish holidays.”

Students also enjoy food projects by choosing a Spanish-speaking country, then preparing a menu. Their learning process increases by presenting a PowerPoint on any topic that overlaps with the Spanish-speaking world, presenting their food, and stating recipe ingredients in Spanish.

“We also invite guest speakers to class; any Spanish-speaking person in Chiang Mai is fair game!” Johnson said, who began Spanish in 7th grade herself.

“I couldn’t wait to learn, since my faith was very influenced by Ecuador missionaries, supported by my home church—my heroes! I wanted to be a missionary and speak Spanish like them! My university minor was Spanish, so I befriended many USA Spanish-speakers and travelled in Spain and Ecuador. In 1990, my husband and I moved to Puerto Rico for eight years then moved to Thailand. We started high school Spanish classes in 2002, which I still teach after 15 years at Grace. I love it!”