We view ministry as the natural overflow of grace we’ve received and a practical application of every subject taught. The Student and Family Ministries Office offers students opportunities to use their gifts and talents to serve Chiang Mai and the surrounding communities. Students step forth with one vision, one purpose – to be ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ. They believe they can make a difference by loving a child, blessing a neighborhood in prayer, or mentoring a younger student. Regardless of the activity they undertake, GIS students continually live out the belief that they can positively change lives for the Kingdom of God.


Children Homes

  • Agape Children’s Home – Over 50 GIS students pair with their little buddies on these bi-weekly visits.
  • House of Love Children’s Home – Approximately 30 GIS middle and high school students set out every other Saturday to befriend children through a variety of age-appropriate activities
  • Jireh Children’s Home – Several GIS families bring laughs, hugs and love as they share Bible stories, crafts and other fun activities every other Saturday at this newly established children’s home
  • Connie’s Home – GIS students visit every other Friday to speak English with the children and caregivers of this home, most of whom are on track to live abroad


  • Chapel Prayer – Every Wednesday and Thursday mornings, students meet to pray over the middle school and high school chapels.
  • Prayer Walking – Students take to the streets of local neighborhoods to take with them the presence of God and to do what Jesus said to do, “When you enter a village bless it.”

Teaching English and Sports

  • Parents, teachers and Sports Leadership students join forces to visit a local Thai elementary school with fun-filled English classes.

The Timothy Project

  • Students in the 11th and 12 grades lead weekly small group Bible studies for students from 5th-10th grades. This student-mentoring-student program offers the older students a chance to form relationships with the younger while sharing spiritual truths.


  • Sports Leadership Trips

    Three to four times a year, Sports Leadership classes take sports camps to Burmese refugee kids, where GIS students must learn about selflessness as they share God’s love amidst extreme poverty

  • Art Ministry Trip

    Every year, art students give a weekend to teaching art in a rural village, where they give local children tools to explore what it means to be made in the image of a creative God.

  • Ministry Day

    Each spring, secondary classes spread out across the city to engage in ministry in places ranging from schools to hospitals, nursing homes, villages, and prisons

  • Christmas Outreach

    During the Christmas season, elementary classes have the option to choose a ministry and spend time as a class learning to serve

  • Christmas in the Park

    GIS hosts an annual open-gate evening to share the Christmas story, carols, hot chocolate, and treats with our Thai neighbors and friends

  • Angel Tree

    GIS partners with CBN to match up GIS families with underprivileged Thai kids and bring them Christmas gifts

  • Lahu Containers

    GIS families collect empty containers throughout the year, for donation to a village where the simple commodity of food storage translates to better health and livelihood

  • Sports Camp

    Every summer, P.E. staff lead GIS families and short-term missions teams in putting on a sports camp where more than 250 neighborhood kids learn athletic skills and hear the gospel

  • Disaster Response

    As needs arise, so do Grace student to the occasion. Past projects include a senior trip-turned tsunami relief; “I ran for Pakistan,” a 5k to raise money for post-flooding redevelopment; and food collections for flood victims in Ayutthaya.

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