First Grade Gives Love Sacrifice

First Grade Gives Love Sacrifice

Dozens of men, women and children waited outside a remote Karen village church, where months before a flash flood destroyed their only crop. When GIS first graders heard about this need, they partnered with mountainside Christians to help. They sacrificially gave small change, so dozens of impoverished, unbelieving families could experience God’s love with 1200 pounds of rice!

“I saved my money to buy Bake Sale cookies. But I’d rather buy rice instead,” one little girl said.

A few days earlier the pastor visited first grade teacher Angela Futch’s class. He was deeply touched, listening to them explain how they raised the money. Some washed cars; others donated their own birthday gifts of cash. One group sold Fruit Loop® necklaces and Kool-Aid®.

“They raised 10,200 baht, which bought 12 huge rice bags, nearly 100 lbs. each! Praise God!” Futch said.

These pint-sized students exceeded their original goal by 700 percent, after they heard Superintendent Don Williams’ challenge to “Find ways to exercise your faith.” Their efforts yielded valuable lessons for the first graders and blessings for a hill tribe village.

The pastor showed people a photo of the children who sacrificed for people they never met. Then Futch and her family helped distribute rice, edible expressions of love.