Three-Way Reading Focus

Three-Way Reading Focus

What does 9,903 hours (or 35,652,360 seconds) equal? It’s a month’s total, of grades K-8 students’ reading, equaling 594,206 minutes, toward their 1-million minute goal! The same month, secondary students joined workshops with UK visiting author Robin Price.

In three entertaining elementary sessions, Price talked about his Roobarb and Custard books, based on a popular British TV show. He also introduced Spartapuss, about a Roman gladiator cat. He walked young students through Roman history with a skit, where some took roles as “emperor” and “gladiator.”

Elementary classrooms celebrated reading achievements with their annual “Book Character Parade,” dressing-up and marching through the campus, to display their chosen book and creativity. A ceremony followed, revealing the total minutes read. First grade writing contest winners read their stories, and everyone shared cupcakes, while middle schoolers celebrated during Language Arts classes.

A writing workshop for 13 secondary students, grades 9-12, focused on Price’s career; and he encouraged them to pursue writing and graphic design interests. They also discussed London Deep, his futuristic sci-fi book, set in flooded London. Then students worked in pairs, to create their own story lines and characters with science fiction elements.

“It was an amazing month,” elementary librarian Karla Olsen said.