Tiger Truck Campaign Completed

Tiger Truck Campaign Completed

Celebrate! Celebrate! Tiger Trucks are filled! More than 500 students, staff and parents recently scrambled, clotted around and ate mounds of dumped chocolate cake, simulating our delightful 33,600 piles of dirt.

Christians world-wide supported the campus project, to fill our 86 rai (33 acre) new campus site, since land was purchased in October 2010. Each 200b (7 USD) paid to dig and dump one five-cubic-meter dirt load. “Tiger Trucks” began in 2011, raising funds for loads to fill elementary and secondary campuses. A world-class education continues during the process.

“Grace planned years ago to nearly double, serving up to 1,000 students of missionary families across SE Asia,” Superintendent Don Williams said. “We want room available, rather than refuse admission because classes are full.”

About 150 people walked the new land in January 2012, praying for the future. Many bought “Tiger Truck” T-shirts, GIS baseball caps, tiger-shape thumb drives, and donated, buying 26.5 more dirt dumps. Students later raised 22,925B with a “coin” competition, covering 114.5 more truckloads. Elementary collected more, so principal Carole Steedman got to dump a “water blessing” on secondary principal Bill Sharp. By spring 2013, all the loads needed were totally paid.

“The site master plan is completed, and detailed architectural plans are in process. Temporary electricity is installed for Phase 1A,” campus design and construction director Chumley Eckerle said. “When we have 4 million USD available, construction will begin on a functional high school, middle school, and parking.”

GIS will support more decades of ministry, in over two dozen countries, by countless Christian worker families. Pray for this God-sized goal to grow in individuals and organizations hearts and minds, as we continue to build partnerships.

“Dutch parents were amazed it’s so inexpensive. Some weren’t aware of the enormous need to maintain TCK students’ education, or Chiang Mai’s strategic location,” GIS parent and board chair Jurrian van der Straaten said. Dordrecht’s Jozua Church children heard about “Tiger Trucks and bought 31 loads.