Witch Doctor becomes a Christian


In a little village in northern Cambodia, a village witch doctor lay in her hut, suffering from terrible stomach pains. She contracted the pain after returning from an unsuccessful attempt to cure a fellow villager of his stomach pain. She used idols, charms, and incantations to try to cure the villager, and then herself, but to no avail.

Not knowing what else to do, she called her son, who is a Christian. Her son, along with Captain S., an officer in the Cambodian army, came and prayed over her. She was instantly healed! As they shared the gospel with her, she accepted Jesus as her Lord.

Three weeks later, more than 20 people in her village also chose to follow the Lord. “When a spiritual guide such as a witch doctor becomes a Christian, it has a huge impact,” says missionary Paul Bradley, who has been training and discipling Captain S. for the last few years. Paul, whose three children attend GIS, works with military officers and their families in SE Asia. He comes alongside national leaders, equipping and instilling in them a vision for evangelizing and discipling the Armed Forces. “In most SE Asian countries, military officers hold a lot of power. They have the ability to bring about change in their countries, either for good or for bad. Imagine the impact a Christian general or colonel could have on his unit, region, or country!” relates Paul.

These changes are already evident in many places in Cambodia. In the last three years, over 15,000 military personnel and their families have come to know Jesus. Paul relates that across the board, whether American or Asian, military personnel have an openness and hunger that exceeds that of the civilian population. Says Paul, “For that reason, working with military is exciting. We are spiritual fruit-pickers!”

“We hope to work in SE Asia for many years to come. We are thankful for Grace International School. We would not be able to be here without the ministry of GIS.”