Word Fiends Swarm Book Fair

Word Fiends Swarm Book Fair

“Thank you families so much for your support!” head librarian Judy Long said. “Our event
grossed sales of approximately 54,150 baht. In addition to families having many new fiction and
nonfiction volumes to enjoy, sales translated into the company donating 5,415 baht of free books
to Grace libraries. That’s 14 delightful new books!”

Books@53 company came north to Chiang Mai from Bangkok this past year, in the midst of
their disastrous flood. They were the only group able to respond to our request and timeline.
So GIS gladly invited them back this year. Good to their word, they provided an even better
selection of materials this time.

“Thank you to our families for your obvious love for reading. We had many positive comments
about the impact of a book fair from students themselves, too. Many told me, ‘I love book
fairs!’” Long said.

Books basically blew out the doors. While parents checked their budgets, teens, tweens and
toddlers enjoyed browsing the thousands of titles available.

“We hope to invite either Scholastic or Asia Books for our March Reading month series of
events. We might even invite both! Now wouldn’t that be a grand selection!” Long said.

Grace families are always reminded during the Christmas season that the three GIS libraries
have a good selection for many holidays. During summer break, library hours are reduced. But
keeping students — and parents — reading year-round is always a priority for Judy for the
library team of parent and community volunteers.