Our campus is split between academics and our athletics complex. We currently have seven buildings: Administration, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Cafeteria, Facilities, and Fitness Center. Alongside that are our outdoor courts, covered courts, and soccer fields. We are still expanding to include the following buildings: Tiger Fieldhouse & Gymnasium, Auditorium, and Performing Arts. We have 24/7 campus security and facilities staff taking care of our growing campus and making sure that it is safe for everyone.


Want to see firsthand what GIS is like? Then, book a campus visit today. We would love to show you around our campus and experience what a day in the life of a GIS student or staff is like. We ask that you book an appointment with us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can be ready to welcome you.

Security team in front of school sign


Our students’ safety is our number one priority. We have CCTV cameras installed around campus and along the surrounding security walls. We have security guards stationed at each major point for twenty-four hours seven days a week and every visitor must sign in using the school’s digital sign-in system. Our security guards undergo training to make sure that they are ready to deal with various situations and keep the school safe for everyone.


GIS is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand—home to over 5,000 Christian non-profit workers serving in hundreds of various organizations. It is our privilege to serve a growing community, but in order to do so we must continue to expand as well. Learn more about our current building projects and how you can play a role in helping us build for His Kingdom.


We have a capable team of facilities staff who work around the clock making sure that our campus is well maintained and solve day to day issues that occur. They take care of the fields, direct traffic, keep the classrooms clean, and much more! They are the manpower behind all the events that happen on campus.

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Check out our campus map to see what’s on our 37 acre campus. We currently have six main school buildings and will be adding more in the near future.