Selecting the perfect school to meet your child’s unique needs can be daunting, whether navigating a relocation across continents or residing amidst many educational options here in Chiang Mai. Rest assured, our admissions process is designed with your convenience in mind. We offer three distinct Tracks for the Admissions Process, tailored to the specific grade level your child is entering: Elementary (K–5), Middle School (Grades 6–8), and High School (Grades 9–12). Please see below for clear, detailed instructions.



  • Applications for Semester 1 of the 2024/25 academic year are no longer being accepted.


  • The admissions season for Semester 2 of the 2024/25 academic year will be from August through November 2024. 


  • The admissions season for Semester 1 of the 2025/26 academic year will be from February through May 2025.


  • Please submit your Inquiry Form, and our Admissions team will contact you.


  • Admissions school campus tours will not be available during June and July because the campus is closed.

If your child receives learning support services, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, or any other support services for learning, behavior, or wellness, please let us know when you complete the Inquiry Form.  We will communicate with you if further documentation is required during the admissions process and if additional steps may be involved.

Please follow the steps below for specific information to guide you through our enrollment process.

Admissions process chart
English-based enrollment policy


General Information for All Grade Levels

  • Admissions schedule appointments. Parents are sent an email invitation with a date/time, so please reply to confirm your appointment.
  • Acceptance is only guaranteed in Step 4 when you receive the Official Acceptance Letter. If Steps 1, 2, 3, or 4 do not meet GIS guidelines, the parent will be notified by Admissions after that step and the admissions process will end.
  • Admissions ask that parents and students only communicate with other staff within the Admissions team during our process (unless applying for a GIS staff position).  
  • Applicants without Member Associate status may be placed on a waitlist to be reviewed in April / May. Seats in each grade level are limited, and GIS Board policy requires priority placement to be given to Member Associate families.
  • GIS strictly follows a student’s birthdate when assigning a student to a particular grade level.


We are thrilled that you have chosen to explore the possibilities of becoming part of our vibrant and dynamic educational community. Whether you are a prospective student seeking to embark on an exciting academic journey or a parent looking to provide your child with the best educational experience, you are in the right place. Start your journey today by filling out our inquiry form!