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Campus Improvements at GIS with the Facilities Team

GIS Facilities Team

Our Facilities Department at Grace International School works hard around the clock on a variety of different projects. Led by Interim Facilities Director Den Kongsa-ard who has been working at GIS for fifteen years, the Facilities Team encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, all aimed at ensuring that GIS remains a safe, clean, and functional space. With twenty-seven operational staff and five office staff, they do everything from landscaping and maintenance to security and event setup.

Over the years, the team has transformed Grace into a lush, green environment that feels like a park. Their efforts include planting trees, creating shaded areas, building walkways, and even constructing sports courts and playgrounds. This past summer before the start of the 2023-2024 school year, Den and his team did extensive landscaping work, especially with the inclusion of the new Middle School building. This includes the creation of the covered walkway from the Elementary building to the Cafeteria. This walkway ensures students and staff stay dry during rainy seasons, making the campus even more enjoyable.

Along with the new Middle School buildings comes the need for school items such as whiteboards, bulletin boards, and cabinets. These were made by Den and his team over the summer! Den and his team fabricated over fifty items in-house over the summer and continue to do so throughout the year as needs arise. This capability not only helps save on the school budget but also allows for custom solutions tailored to Grace’s unique needs. The team’s expertise extends to metalwork, carpentry, woodworking, electrical systems, and more, enabling them to craft everything from furniture to classroom improvements. 

Den’s team also plays a crucial role in traffic management. With over 250 families dropping off their children daily, keeping the flow of traffic smooth and safe is no small feat. Den’s team works closely with local authorities to ensure traffic management is efficient, especially during the hectic first days of school.

Despite challenges such as planning maintenance projects to minimize disruptions to the academic schedule as much as possible to managing the school’s budget while meeting the diverse needs of the campus, the Facilities Team does their best to ensure a high standard of quality in all of their work. This is why big school-wide projects such as the yearly deep cleaning is done during the summer when classes are not being held. 

“Without my team, I can’t do anything,” Den says, expressing his gratitude for his team. “Without their collective efforts, the campus wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does.” Den also thanks the school community for their support and appreciation of his team’s hard work. We, as a school community, are also extremely thankful to Den and the Facilities Team. They are truly the unsung heroes of Grace International School!

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