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Diary of a Reading Kid (MRM 2024)

GIS Elementary students dressed up as book characters for the parade

The tradition of March is Reading Month continued at GIS this year with many fun activities and contests! This year’s theme, “Diary of a Reading Kid” focused on the fun genre of graphic novels. Graphic novel characters from a multitude of series adorned the library and elementary building, including some of our GIS students’ current favorites—Investigators, Narwhal & Jelly, Wings of Fire, Dog Man, and Agent Moose to name a few!

Middle and High school students participated in reading raffles and trivia contests in the library, while elementary students completed “book bingo” challenges each week. Some of the favorite bingo challenges included “read upside down,” “read in a fort,” “read a book your teacher would enjoy,” and “listen to an audiobook.” Bingo winners were excited to choose prizes from the “Diary of a Winning Kid” prize box each week, and kids who participated all three weeks were treated to a popcorn party at the end of the month!

The GIS Library hosted a book sale and a book swap during the month! The 10 baht book sale ran the whole month, and the one-week elementary book swap allowed elementary students to bring books from home to swap with friends!

Elementary library classes were also treated to an author visit… from GIS’s own Cheryl Kim! Cheryl shared her writing journey with the students, even showing some of her own writing journals from kindergarten! She talked about the patience and persistence writers need to have and gave a glimpse into the publishing process (including the surprising number of revisions books go through!). The timing of Cheryl’s visit was perfect, as she was able to bring the newly-printed, author-only copy of her latest book, “Wat Takes His Shot,” which will be released this summer! Cheryl’s testimony of the strength God gave her to persevere in the writing process, starting with several failed attempts and leading all the way to a Junior Library Guild award, was so inspirational to the students.

We wrapped up March is Reading Month with our annual book character parade! Characters from various genres paraded through campus to an audience of parents, staff, and secondary students. The older students even made signs to support and encourage the younger students!

This fun-filled month accomplished many of the GIS Library’s goals—ignite a passion for reading, encourage students to explore new genres, introduce students to authors, illustrators, and the publishing process, and celebrate literacy together in fun and engaging ways!