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Last year, in 2023, Grace International School was certified Best Christian Workplace, with scores showing a healthy environment for staff. This year, we are thrilled to announce that GIS has moved from ‘healthy’ to ‘FLOURISHING’ on the BCWI scale! Eight scientifically-backed culture drivers make up the Flourish Model.: 

  1. Fantastic Teams
  2. Life-Giving Work
  3. Outstanding Talent
  4. Uplifting Growth
  5. Rewarding Compensation
  6. Inspirational Leadership
  7. Sustainable Strategy
  8. Healthy Communication 

Our results as a flourishing workplace indicate we are growing well in these areas. 

Christian organizations across the globe take the BCWI survey, and it is an essential benchmark in making sure we, as an organization, invest in our staff and create a caring and healthy working environment so they can grow into the people God has called them to be. As a school, we have participated in the BCWI survey for many years. During that time, we have consistently improved as an organization. Our current score is 4.31, a .16-point increase over last year. Compared to other K-12 schools, our percentile went from the 64th% to 82th% – an 18% jump! Our top 10 strengths, compared to other K-12 schools, are substantial. They are in the 88th to the 95th, meaning only 5% to 12% of schools score higher. Not only that, but we are the only international school in Asia to earn BCWI certification officially! 

Our staff has said GIS is an excellent workplace because of leadership support, community and relationships, Christian values and mission, positive atmosphere and environment, professional development and growth, student-centric focus, work-life balance, and personal care. We are excited to see such positive growth in our workplace and community, but there is still room for improvement. We will continue to work hard as a school to make GIS a thriving, best Christian workplace so that we can faithfully serve our staff, students, and parents for many years to come.

Thank you, GIS staff, for your dedication to serving this international community of people who are making a difference worldwide in the name of Jesus Christ.