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Khun Tui has Faithful Served 20 Years

Khun Tui portrait at the front guard house

When former staff and alumni visit Grace International School, they are greeted by a familiar smiling face before they even step foot through the school gates. Khun Tui has worked as a security guard at GIS for twenty years with an impeccable memory of all the faces that have walked in and out the door. 

When Khun Tui first started working at GIS, he didn’t know that GIS was a Christian school. He just wanted a stable job. Tui says, “I was able to receive many good things from the GIS community. Before coming to GIS, I was always searching for something to fill this hole in my heart. It wasn’t until I came to know Jesus through the people at GIS that I realized He was what I was searching for all along. If I had to put my feelings about GIS into one line, it would be that ‘GIS is everything that I had ever hoped for’.” 

And Khun Tui is everything that GIS could have hoped for as a Head Security Guard! Here is what our staff have to say about Khun Tui:

“We, the Facilities Team, would like to congratulate Khun Tui for his twenty years of service here at Grace International School as security guard supervisor. Khun Tui is very humble, polite, and cares for others, especially his team members. He has proved to be able to learn new things. He has the heart of a servant, a great attitude, is always respectful of others, and goes the extra mile. He also reflects the love of Christ to people who work with him. We are all blessed to have him here at GIS.” – Den Khongsa-ard, Interim Facilities Director

“I have known Tui for 20 years! He is not only a dear friend, but has the answers to my Thai culture and language questions. He can fix anything that’s broken and has wise advice about whatever I need: plants, cars, maids, neighbors, insurance, phones, and appliances. He is not just a guard at GIS but a man of all trades who cares deeply about all the people he encounters. I am so grateful that God called Tui to Himself seven years ago; he is not only my friend but my brother in Christ.” – Amy Blair, Elementary Teacher