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Podcast | Senior Spotlight with Tory Wang and Marin Mowad

Senior Spotlight with Tory Wang and Marin Mowad podcast cover
One of the really fun things about working at a school is seeing kids grow up from the elementary years all the way to adulthood as they reach the end of their senior year. But one of the hardest things is seeing those now young adults head off into the world. We are excited for them, of course, but it remains bittersweet. On today’s podcast, we will hear from two of those students, Tory Wang and Marin Mowad, as they wrap up their senior years. These ladies have done great things here at Grace and we are excited to see all the great things they will do in their next chapters. Join us as we talk with them about all the things they will miss, and all the things they are looking forward to!