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The Crowned Perfection Book Launch

The Crowned Perfection Books

What do you get when you combine fifty-two student authors, two talented editors, more than fifty-five diverse characters, a man with six fingers, and an island where nothing is as it seems? A dystopian book entitled Crowned Perfection! This episodic novel contains a well-planned, well-thought-out concept by Kristen Frantz’s Grade 10 World Literature class. Their creativity and commitment really shine through the book they co-created.

On Tuesday, May 7th, nearly 60 students, teachers, advisors, and staff parents gathered for a surprise unveiling. The GIS library planned a special event to officially launch the publication of Crowned Perfection with a couple of brief speeches and a celebratory toast. As Jeffrey Sootheran, the Head Librarian at Grace, finished giving his words of encouragement and lifting the cloth that covered copies of the students’ book, the room erupted in cheers. This was the students’ first time seeing the finished product, so their enthusiasm ran high. After the cloth coverings came off the display case and tables, the students eagerly signed a copy of the book to be placed in the library’s unofficial special collections for safekeeping. Then they picked up their copy to thumb through, show off to their friends, and get each other’s autographs.

As we ended the book launch event, we had one trivia question that Sam Shores won by guessing several of the distinguishing features of the man with six fingers. Some of his classmates filled in a few gaps, but Mr. Shores guessed the majority on his own. The GIS CFO, Eric Frantz, said he loved watching the students list “all the characteristics of the six-fingered man, especially the humorously conflicting ones.” The book launch celebration was a fun and sentimental occasion where everyone felt contentment and satisfaction.

This work of fiction, a testament to the unity and collaboration of GIS 10th graders, contains 52 chapters and totals 393 pages. It’s a bit episodic, but there is still a decent level of consistency running throughout the book. You might think it would be a challenge to achieve this, but the students made it happen. According to one of the 10th grade authors, Angie Thompson, “It’s really a beautifully creative book that has gotten the 10th graders to come together in unity.” This is one of the secret ingredients for their completed work; they came together and finished their task of writing a dystopian episodic novel. Graham Crawford, IT Director and a 10th grade advisor, expressed his amazement at the scale of this project by saying, “I’ve never seen such a massive collaborative project [among students], but I thought it was really cool.”

Crowned Perfection is now available at the Grace International School library, so stop by to pick it up for an intriguing read and to see what happens to the man with the six fingers along with the other individuals on the island that isn’t what it seems.