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Well Done GIS 2024 ACSC Teams!

GIS 2024 ACSC Girls and Boys Team

GIS promotes international cultural and school exchange, allowing students to broaden their horizons and experience through engaging with other students outside of Chiang Mai and Thailand. Every year, GIS sports teams have the opportunity to participate in sports tournaments aboard. One of the tournaments is the ACSC (Asia Christian Schools Conference). 

Founded in 2013, ACSC provides sports, ministry, cultural, and relational opportunities for students in Asia International Christian high schools through volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track & field conference tournaments at host schools. This year, the Varsity Boys Basketball team got 2nd place and the Sportsmanship Award at the ACSC Boys Basketball Tournament hosted by Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Meanwhile, the Varsity Girls Basketball played at the ACSC Girls Basketball Tournament hosted by International Christian School (ICS) in Hong Kong and obtained 2nd place. A job well done to our teams, who not only placed 2nd after playing tough matches against seven other schools but also reflected Christ in their character and sportsmanship. 

Erin Frank, one of the coaches of the Varsity Girls Basketball team says, “Coaching the girls basketball team has been a privilege and so much fun! Throughout the year, we emphasized the value of team over individuals, which was the motivator of the effort and encouragement we brought. At ACSC, we challenged the girls to think about this further from a biblical perspective and then watched as they became more unified in how and why they played on the court. I’m proud of our team finishing 2nd at the tournament, but even more proud of the way I saw our girls grow as teammates.”

Mike Sprenger, one of the coaches of the Varsity Boys Basketball team, says, “I have never seen a group of guys give so much in those few days as this team. Even though we lost the championship game, me and Coach Foltz looked at each other and said, “That was awesome.” I’ve never seen a game so well played. Every player kept going towards the finish line as best as they could. Even the guys cheering on the bench were super encouraging and motivating. In the end, everything we do is towards God and onto God and I saw the guys do that over and over again during this tournament.” 

A huge thank you to our coaches and teachers who have trained and supported our students!