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On our GIS News page, we post the latest news and updates on what is happening at GIS. Here, you will also find our monthly Grace in Action newsletter about stories of God at work in and throughout the GIS community.

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Kasemsuwan family

How Jesus Meets Me Everywhere

“Some people may look at me and think what a perfect life I have, but they don’t know how broken I was before Jesus saved me,” says Grace International School Recruitment Representative, Arkira Kasemsuwan. “I …

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Divine Staffing: GIS's Providential Journey podcast cover

Podcast | Divine Staffing: GIS’s Providential Journey

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST On today’s podcast, we are joined by Carol Chawla. Carol has been a fixture in this school since the beginning. Not only did her two boys graduate from Grace, but she …

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GIS Facilities Team

Campus Improvements at GIS with the Facilities Team

Our Facilities Department at Grace International School works hard around the clock on a variety of different projects. Led by Interim Facilities Director Den Kongsa-ard who has been working at GIS for fifteen years, the …

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Elevating Education: Campus Improvements at GIS podcast cover

Podcast | Elevating Education: Campus Improvements at GIS

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST In this week’s episode, we talk with Den Khongsa-ard, the Facilities Director here at Grace. Den and his team have been hard at work all summer to prepare our campus for …

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Exciting Horizons: Unmissable Events This School Year podcast cover

Podcast | Exciting Horizons: Unmissable Events This School Year

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST On this week’s episode, Campus Life Director Vandenn Krouch joins us as we discuss all the events happening this semester at Grace, and all of the topics we will cover this …

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The Cook family who mobilize young people for evangelism

Mobilizing Young People for Evangelism

Most of us have probably grown up knowing someone who was a Christian, whether it’s a family member, a friend, or that neighbor who goes to church around the block. But for a lot of …

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