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Always Available

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What does it look like to have a heart that is always available to serve?

Vandenn, his wife Danielle, and his three children came to Grace International School in December 2018. After serving in Cambodia for twelve years and relocating back to the USA, they both felt called to serve in Southeast Asia again. God opened the door for Vandenn to step into the position of HR Coordinator at Grace before moving into his current position as Chief of Communications Director. However, Vandenn does so much more than just Communication’s work. From being a student advisor to coaching U-12 boys’ basketball to even teaching, he fills in different shoes in order to meet various needs around the school.

When asked about how he ended up doing so many things, Vandenn says, “None of what happened was planned. As I slowly got adjusted to life at Grace, I began to see the needs that have yet to be met and asked myself, ‘What can I do to meet those needs?’” Vandenn’s heart of service and willingness to always be available has led him to serve in different roles.

With the Covid-19 outbreak this year, many teachers were not able to make it to Chiang Mai for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. As a result, those in the community, including staff and parents, volunteered to temporarily fill in those gaps. For the first two months, Vandenn acted as the Geometry teacher, which he really enjoyed.

Vandenn says, “I believe that God has placed me in the right place for this season and it has been a blessing to serve here at Grace. God has blessed my kids with a beautiful place to grow. A lot of times when you move overseas, you have to give up your kids’ freedom and education. Here at Grace, I can focus on doing what God has called me to do, while knowing that my children have a safe place to play with friends and have excellent, Christ-loving teachers who support them in both their academic and spiritual growth.”

Because of Grace believing in called staff, people such as Vandenn are here with a heart dedicated to serve the families and community in multiple ways, and to bless others with the experiences that God has given him.