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Being Lights on the Streets

When former Grace International School teacher Tom Miyakawa came to Thailand in 2008, he started going to the Night Bazaar, a popular tourist destination, to share the Gospel. Not long after, an 8th grade student asked Tom if he could tag along. Tom recalled, “I couldn’t believe that a student would want to go with me! The next week we had eight students and before long Night Bazaar Evangelism was born out of the grace of God!”

Later ran by Rebekah Hahn during the 2019-2020 school year, the Night Bazaar Evangelism is a ministry where Grace students go share their faith on the streets. A Spaniard who would only commit to a religion on her deathbed, Germans who thought religion only caused conflict, a Belgian who grew up in a Christian home but has become skeptical about the Bible; these are a few examples of interactions Grace students have had.

Rebekah says with a smile, “It’s been a blessing to see students grow and step out in faith. Night Bazaar Evangelism helps them find a voice and realize that they have a treasure to share.” A Grace student says, “I could see the passion that Mr. Miyakawa had for evangelism and it made me want to try it, too. Even though it was really hard at first, I grew to love these talks with strangers and getting a glimpse of what they’re going through. Night Bazaar Evangelism helps us look beyond ourselves and see the global need for salvation and Jesus’ love.”

These experiences stay with students even after graduation. A Grace alumnus shares, “I was on the subway, and this lady came up to me and asked if I could answer some questions for her survey. As we talked, I shared the Gospel with her just as we did at Grace. I was able to do that because of all the experiences at Night Bazaar Evangelism. It truly does make a difference!”

Because Grace International School staff members like Tom and Rebekah have a passion for evangelism, they are able to inspire students to step out of their comfort zone and share the Good News of Jesus to those living in darkness.

Notes: The photo and events in this story took place before the Covid-19 outbreak.