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Families and ministry partners of Grace International School cross continents and oceans to serve wherever God has called them to. This month’s story features the Peseyie family who have come to serve in Isaan (Northeast Thailand) from Nagaland in Northeast India and we’ll learn why Nitho says, “Because we are a part of Grace International School’s HDE program, we are able to continue what the Lord has called us to do in this part of the country.”

Nitho and her husband, Khrienguko both have theological backgrounds and have prayed for God to send them to a place where people do not know about Jesus. God answered their prayers by putting Northeast Thailand on their hearts and they began praying for the region before coming to serve as church planters there in 2009. Since then, they have faithfully served  the Lord and his people in the region for twelve years. They are thankful to Grace International School’s Home and Distance Education program (HDE) that allows them to work full time in ministry.

With the lack of quality English language education where they live, the couple decided to enroll their first child into Grace where she is still currently a full-time student and later on joined Grace’s HDE program with their two youngest children. The HDE division at Grace International School provides educational support and encourages academic excellence for families throughout Thailand who are educating their children at home while equipping them to influence the world for Christ so that international Christian workers can remain in their field of service. 

Nitho says, “The people who work in HDE are very helpful. I tend to get worried and stressed because of our kid’s education, but the staff were very patient in listening and introducing all the different curriculums that the school has to offer. We have been a part of the HDE program for 4 years and it has been a real blessing. The kids like the curriculums that we use. Now, I don’t have to worry about where to get the curriculum my kids are using, or what curriculum they will be using. It takes away a lot of the stress regarding education and allows us to focus on our ministry and witness God working mightily. We have seen locals come to faith and have witnessed them bringing others to faith as well.”

The mission of Grace International School is to be a quality and affordable Christian school that exists so that international Christian workers such as Nitho and Khrienguko are enabled to remain abroad due to the educational and spiritual needs of their children being met.