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Discipling Through Life

With a bright smile and a bubbly personality, it is hard not to like Grace International School English teacher Lauren Holley.

After learning about Grace, Lauren prayed daily for over a year for the opportunity to serve Grace’s community of Kingdom workers. God said yes! Joining the staff in 2017, Lauren prayed that she would have the ability to spend time with students outside of the classroom. Lauren, along with other women, opened her home to host a group of sophomore girls. This has provided countless opportunities for spiritual growth, discipleship, and relationship building.

Three years into their Bible study, the students are now seniors. This is an important time in their lives with a number of uncertainty looming over them. When it comes to mentoring them Lauren believes, “I think that it’s important to let them know that we aren’t perfect—that we are still trying to figure things out. We share pieces of our journey with them.” Lauren acknowledges the blessing of being young and single, creating a special bond with her girls. Lauren, who also went to a Christian school, struggled to understand how to pursue a relationship with God until she was thrust into the real world. “I’ve been very passionate about letting the girls know it’s okay to doubt; there is purpose in wrestling with your faith. I want to let them know what lies ahead and encourage them.” 

Outside of study, Lauren loves meeting with her girls for coffee and discipling them through life’s challenges. She sees it as an opportunity to meet them where they are and love themto come alongside them as a big sister in Christ.

Because of staff like Lauren, students at Grace International School are able to have a model and mentor who help them grow in their walk with God.