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End-of-Year Special Ask

Spiritual Life staff quotes something he loves about his job

At Grace International School, one aspect of our mission is our commitment to called staff who are serving the school because of God’s prompting. We believe when God is in control and guiding our staff placement, the remainder of our mission of equipping students to influence the world for Christ will naturally flow from that.

Despite numerous challenges presented by Covid-19, we had eighteen new individuals answer the call heading into the ’20-21 school year. One such staffer is Jack Meckfessel who traveled from the United States and now works in the Spiritual Life Department as a Student Ministry Coordinator. “In 2017, I visited Grace on a mission trip and prayed over the plot of land that was to become the new campus. Although hearing about the school’s mission was inspiring, I had no intention of coming back at the time. Then in 2019, I met with a Grace staffer who spoke to me about Grace’s vision of using education as a platform to further the Gospel in Asia through discipling high school guys and pouring into the student body. That grabbed my attention and planted a seed of vision in my heart.

After that conversation, I followed through and God just kept on affirming for me to come to Grace. Moving overseas in the midst of a global pandemic would be crazy if not for Jesus because there were so many hurdles. But it’s worth it. It’s been amazing getting to know the students. They are the reason why I am here — to build life-on-life relationships with them. My goal is to be a good role model for what it looks like to passionately follow Jesus and [demonstrate] that He is worth following in every season of life.”

It is because of Grace International School that staff like Jack are able to share Christ’s love through discipleship. As 2020 comes to a close, would you consider giving a special gift to Grace International School? This year in particular, due to Covid-19 and its implications, we are $350,000 short of our funding needs. We are asking you to prayerfully consider donating $250, $500, $1,000 or some other amount by clicking on the button below.

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